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BEFORE, NOW AND ALWAYS SEGA® a history created…

SEGA® Group of Companies has developed in auto industries with manufacturing and marketing auto lubricants, auto care products, auto accessories, spare parts, tools and hardware. With head office in Turkey and many branches, SEGA® has reached considerable production and trade operations with competent management team and expertise coming with the years. SEGA® name are apparent in many countries with variety of quality products and supplies hundreds of customers throughout the world.

We, as SEGA® , consider our clients as our real partners and we always search for excellence in all SEGA® products to satisfy our customers. We are proud of supplying our clients all automotive products.

The great aim of our company answer to our clients their demands and design in the best way. For that reason we continue giving the best services since 1968 to now…

SEGACAR, meets your needs with excellence products...

Commercial vehicles are in use around the globe under hardest conditions and far from surfaced roads. Here the durability and reliability of each individual component is of utmost importance.

Products of the SEGA® Spare Parts brand uncompromisingly stand for the highest product quality.

The consistent focus on quality and excellent value for money have made the SEGA®Spare Parts brand what it is today – a leading product brand in the Independent Aftermarket (IAM) for commercial vehicles.

The worldwide customer’s trust is rewarded – with a 24 month SEGA® guarantee, which considering the extensive range, is absolutely unique in the international Independent Aftermarket (IAM).

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